Dhahran British Grammar School

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The ICT curriculum is divided for two main Key stages: KS1/2 and KS3/4. The School has four fully equipped computer labs which provide excellent up-to-date ICT facilities to all the students. The students at all the key stages are encouraged to use a variety of software to achieve the targets set by the Edexcel Scheme of Studies and QCA. The common targets for all the key stages involve information gathering, presentation and technical processing skills by understanding the key concepts related to the nature of their work.


ICT at key stage 3


  • Information and presentation
  • Data-designing structure ,capturing and presenting data
  • Control-Input, process, Output
  • Public Information Systems
  • Publishing on the web
  • Information-reliability and validity
  • Systems-integrating applications to find solutions
  • Global communication
  • Systems: Managing a project

We also combine these units with units from other subjects that give the children an opportunity to exploit powerful links between subjects.


ICT at Key Stage 4