Dhahran British Grammar School

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At Dhahran British Grammar School the emphasis is on a course of study that is both interesting and informative, one that actively engages students and teaches them about the World outside the classroom.

Given that Geography is a mandatory subject in KS3 we try to make the subject as engaging and interesting as possible.

Amongst the interesting topics you will encounter during the course you will be finding answers to the following questions…..

Can you find your way across country using a map ?
Did you know that time travel is possible on Concorde ?
Can you build a contour model ?
Why are some settlements bigger than others ?
What's the story behind your trainers ?

And completing these extended activities to consolidate your learning……

Find out why real volcanoes knock spots off anything you see in the movies
Make a mega atlas map of development
Campaign to save the rainforests
Learn how to spend $50 million dollars to make the world a better place !

Design to scale a private cinema for a film star
Fine tune your equipment list for an expedition across Africa – find out how climate and conditions determine your choices (no room for hairdryers here !)

Geography at IGCSE