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Mathematics at DBGS

The aim of our teaching in mathematics is to enable students to develop their mathematical skills and understanding to the limit of their capabilities and to equip them for the demands that lie ahead of them in adult life, in employment and study. The courses seek to develop an appreciation and enjoyment of Mathematics, to raise their awareness of its importance and to contribute to the student's overall development.

DBGS has five maths teachers. Mrs. J. Chambers, Mrs. D. Merza, Mrs. H. Homsi, Mrs. S. Ogidan, Mrs. R. Cannon.

The maths department sponsors the Maths fun week in school, a time of team games and puzzles in addition to year 8 rocket week and regular team work across year groups.


In KS3

From year 7 to year 9 we follow the National Curriculum as a guideline. The textbook used is Maths Frameworking published by Collins. This series enables the pupils to build up a firm understanding of the basic ideas and hence develop confidence and enthusiasm in their approach to the subject. Emphasis is on a practical and investigative approach wherever possible following the school’s learning 2 learn practices.

Pupils are set in each year so that the more mathematically gifted can move forward quickly and the less able can be given a sound understanding of fundamental concepts and techniques. The acquisition and practice of skills for later use is also a necessary part of the course therefore each student receives 2 x 30 minutes of homework per week.

Appropriate use of technology such as calculators and computers is encouraged at all levels with a view that pupils should become familiar with their potential. We recommend that all students buy a CASIO fx83ES scientific calculator.


Maths in KS 4