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Business Studies

In Year 10 & 11 students can opt to follow the Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies course.

Business Studies is a very popular choice for GCSE students - most of whom want to become enormously rich before their twenty fifth birthday. Well, we can't promise that, but our students generally get very good grades in their final examinations.

We use Borrington & Stimpson's book IGCSE Business Studies.

The course in brief

You can download the syllabus from here.

  • Business and the environment in which it operates
  • Business structure, organisation and control
  • Business activity to achieve objectives
  • People in business
  • Regulating and controlling business activity


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Business Studies

Last year's IGCSE students ALL achieved grade C or above in their final examinations.

Several of our students have gone on to read business studies or economics at university.