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The International Award

The International Award for Youth is open to young people between the ages of 14 and 25 years old. The award is available in over 60 different countries worldwide including Jordan, Doha, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

DBGS offers the award so that those individuals who have the tenacity, will and drive to improve themselves can leave DBGS with a highly recognised award that defines them as exceptional individuals.

The school has been running the International Award for Youth, the overseas programme of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award for four years. This is a progressive programme of extra-curricular activities for young people between the ages of 14 and 25. It gives opportunities for personal development and achievement through community and social involvement, adventure, and the discovery of new talents and interests.

The Award is voluntary, non-competitive and intended to be enjoyable. Participants design their own programmes and set goals in each of four sections: service, skills, sports and adventurous journey. Students choose their activities depending on personal choice, availability and personal circumstances. Whilst many activities can be done at school in non-directed time, students are encouraged to undertake activities outside school. Students beginning the award in Year 9 or 10 should be able to achieve their Bronze and possibly Silver awards before leaving the school.

Some of the activities our students have undertaken include: voluntary work in hospitals and nurseries, sports leadership, web design, newsletter production, candle making, badminton, climbing, netball, ice hockey, animal care, horse riding, skate-boarding, ultimate flying disc, Flash animation, computer graphics.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is highly regarded by schools, universities and employers in the United Kingdom.