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The ICT curriculum is divided for two main Key stages: KS1/2 and KS3/4. The School has four fully equipped computer labs which provide excellent up-to-date ICT facilities to all the students. The students at all the key stages are encouraged to use a variety of software to achieve the targets set by the Edexcel Scheme of Studies and QCA. The common targets for all the key stages involve information gathering, presentation and technical processing skills by understanding the key concepts related to the nature of their work.

ICT at Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 students can take a two year course combining elements of both the London Examinations Ordinary Level GCSE in Computing and Edexcel’s GCSE in Information and Communication Technology.

The syllabus aims to encourage the exploration and study of ICT in a variety of contexts: home, community, business, industry, recreation and education. The students are given the opportunity acquire competence, ability and critical skills through implementation, use and evaluation of a range of ICT systems.

Key Subject Aims

The Edexcel IGCSE in ICT enables to:

• Acquire and apply ICT skills, knowledge and understanding in a range of contexts.
• Develop ICT – based solutions to address challenges and solve problems
• Develop an understanding of ICT systems.
• Develop an understanding and awareness of current and emerging technologies
• Develop an awareness of the legal, social, ethical and environmental consequences of the use of ICT systems for individuals, organizations and society.
• Recognise potential risk when using ICT and develop safe, secure and responsible practice.

Assessment overview

Paper 1: Written Paper
This written examination, lasting one hour and 30 minutes, will consist of multiple-choice and short-answer questions.

Paper 2: Practical Paper
This practical computer-based examination, taken under control conditions, will consist of structured activities. It will take three hours (including printing time). The examination is untiered and will be targeted at students across the ability range A* - G.

Both papers are single tier entry.

ICT at key stage 3