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Art International GCSE


Art IGCSE is about taking an adventurous and enquiring approach to art, and developing the skills to express it. It involves problem-solving skills with creative expression. It also increases an understanding of past and contemporary art and artists and produces a personal response embracing a range of ideas and materials. Students learn to investigate, analyse, experiment and have fun.

In Art IGCSE you will complete two units of coursework and one externally set examination. Your coursework will include research, supporting studies and work showing the development of your ideas, leading to one or more finished pieces of work. Your externally set examination will take the form of a broad theme such as ‘Surfaces’ or ‘Journeys’. Suggestions and starting points will be given followed by 8 weeks of preparatory work. During this time, you will explore the theme in your journal and with preparatory studies and prepare your response in your chosen specialisation. At the end of this period, you will sit a 10 hour timed examination, during which you will produce your final piece of work. Everything is then submitted for assessment.

There are many things you can do with an IGCSE in Art. You can go on to take an AS or A level in Art and Design or a related subject. You may wish to do an IGCSE in Art for its own sake. You may wish to go into a job where it is useful to have had experience in art, craft and design or you may go into a totally unrelated field where your newly developed creative thinking skills will help you with divergent thinking and creative problem solving.


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