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Geography at IGCSE

DBGS offers the CIE IGCSE Geography syllabus.

The two year course looks at 3 major themes. These are:

  • Population and Settlement
  • The Natural Environment
  • Economic Development and the use of resources

Population and Settlement examines population growth and distribution, migration and settlement.

The Natural Environment involves the study of Weather & Climate, Tropical Rainforests and Hot deserts, Rivers and Coasts. Plate tectonics and Natural Hazards are also studied in detail.

Economic Development focuses on Agriculture, Industry, Tourism and Leisure.  Pollution and the use of energy and water resources are covered as well as the conflict created as a result of resource use.

Examination in May of Year 11 involves students sitting 3 or 4 separate exam papers.

Paper 1  (45%)

3 questions chosen out of 6 based on the three major themes studied throughout the course.

Paper 2  (27.5%)

A compulsory mapwork question plus supplementary short resource based questions testing information handling skills.

Paper 3 (27.5%)

An alternative to coursework paper looking at research and project work. Students will be expected to know how to record data in the field, create questionnaires and analyse data effectively.

Paper 4 (27.5%)

Is an internet based exam covering the same skills as Paper 3.

Students can elect to do either Paper 3 only or attempt both Paper 3 and 4. The best results of the two contributes to the Final Exam grade.

Most students find this innovative exam interesting supplement to the written papers.