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Key Stage 4 Separate Sciences

Beginning in 2009, DBGS has offered the Edexcel IGCSE Separate Sciences Award in Biology (4BIO), Chemistry ($CHO) and Physics (4PH) along with the Edexcel IGCSE Double Award program (See Key Stage 4 Double Award).

The Edexcel IGCSE Separate Sciences course is a linear course and will be examined at the end of Year 11.

The main areas studied are:

Section 1: The nature and variety of living organisms
Section 2: Structures and functions in living organisms
Section 3: Reproduction and inheritance
Section 4: Ecology and the environment
Section 5: Use of biological resources

Section 1: Principles of chemistry
Section 2: Chemistry of the elements
Section 3: Organic chemistry
Section 4: Physical chemistry
Section 5: Chemistry in society

Section 1: Forces and motion
Section 2: Electricity
Section 3: Waves
Section 4: Energy resources and energy transfer
Section 5: Solids, liquids and gases
Section 6: Magnetism and electromagnetism
Section 7: Radioactivity and particles

Students who take the IGCSE Separate Science Award will sit six examinations at the end of YR 11, two for each of the three disciplines.

Paper 1 is a 2 hour paper and worth 66.6% of the total marks Paper 2 is a 1 hour paper and worth 33.3% of the total marks

All papers are externally set and marked by Edexcel and are not tiered.

Students may be required to perform calculations, draw graphs and describe, explain and interpret physical phenomena. Some of the question content will be unfamiliar to the students; these questions are designed to assess data-handling skills and the ability to apply physical principles to unfamiliar topics.




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