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Work Experience

Over 95% of secondary schools in England offer a work experience programme to their students. The main aim and purpose of work experience is to provide students with a first taste of the world of work. The opportunities for students to experience how companies are organised and to gain understanding of working and communicating with adults are invaluable skills for later life.

Each school year we manage to place the majority of our students in a range of suitable and vetted workplace situations. We manage the process through the school’s PSHE programme (Personal Social and Health Education) and approach companies who may be able to offer an appropriate workplace experience and environment for our pupils. Work experience should enable our students to:

  • Communicate and negotiate with adults;
  • Develop life skills;
  • Experience life outside school;
  • Experience a working environment;
  • Learn how companies are organised and structured;
  • Develop a greater idea of the careers they may wish to pursue;
  • Become more independent;
  • Gain a sense of achievement.

We provide employers with an Employers Assessment of Performance sheet. We encourage parents to discuss this document with their son/daughter as it indicates the typical competencies that adults are appraised under in the workplace. We also ask our students to complete an Evaluation form for the employer to be completed by their last day of work experience placement. This provides each employer with useful feedback from a students’ perspective. 

We have found the process to be extremely valid and it has proved to be popular with students. If any of our parents reading this section can offer suitable work experience opportunities we would be delighted to hear from you. Please email the school office at the usual address: brparents@isgdh.org

Can you help?

We are constantly looking for new work experience opportunities for our students. If you have an opportunity that you think would be suitable please email Nick Hardcastle at nhardcastle@isgdh.org