Dhahran British Grammar School

Quality British Education in Saudi Arabia

Introduction to the Foundation Stage

The Foundation Stage at Dhahran British Grammar school comprises pre-reception and reception classes for three to five year-old children. We have a large, bright, well-equipped room and a small outside play area for pre-reception. Reception has two parallel classes, staffed by highly experienced teachers and teaching assistants.

Pre-reception and reception are situated in a building with Key Stage One. This is brightly decorated and our central corridor show-cases creative work from each class. Young children have access to a variety of themed play areas that reflect the learning they are engaged with in class. We have a variety of wonderful P.E. facilities as well as a soft play room, containing a bouncy castle, ball pool, a range of climbing apparatus and construction equipment to encourage children to invent their own apparatus. Within the early years building we have a music room, kitchen and Computer room, dedicated to meet the needs of our young children. Outside we have a large shaded sand area with climbing frames, swings and slides. There is a newly built garage that houses bikes and wheeled toys that the children ride around a tarmac track. This offers children the opportunity to develop the all-important road-safety skills.

Pre-reception and reception pupils follow the curriculum for the Foundation Stage that is designed to meet the educational needs of our young children through six areas of learning. Their progress is closely monitored and recorded using the Foundation Stage profile.

Early Years Programme