Dhahran British Grammar School

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Homework Policy

A great deal of teacher time and effort has gone into reviewing and refining the school homework policy in relation to Keystage 3 and Key Stage 4.

We have a consistent homework policy regarding frequency and duration of assignments for all relevant subjects. Expectations are clearly indicated and this information is on general display in most of the teaching classrooms.

Also in place is a system to track students who fail to do, hand in, or complete to an unsatisfactory level homework assignments. All missed assignments including those which are late or poorly done will be logged on a computer database. Whenever three missed or poor homeworks are recorded, parents will be notified and students will be required to attend a homework consolidation session on Tuesday afternoon between 2.30 and 3.30 pm. This session will be taken by the Deputy Headteacher and is in addition to the requirement that the missing homework is done satisfactorily and handed in.

It is hoped that by using this monitoring system two things can be achieved. Firstly parents will be better informed of their child’s performance as far as homework assignments are concerned and, secondly, we hope to provide students with the right message: that homework is an important part of school; that they have to take personal responsibility for it; and that if they do not comply a consistent range of sanctions will be applied.

Extended Absence from School During Term Time

Dhahran British Grammar School considers that regular attendance at school is essential to the satisfactory progress of a child’s education. Whilst we understand that the leave policy of some companies does not permit parents to take holidays during the school vacation time, we nevertheless strongly recommend that parents avoid withdrawing their children from school during term.

The cumulative effect of removing a child from school for additional
holidays is significant and can adversely affect the child’s attainment, social adjustment and future progress.

Although we frequently receive requests from parents to provide holiday work, it is not the school’s policy to do so. Students are not able to adequately follow programmes of study without the daily support and monitoring of the taught programme delivered through the school’s teachers and facilities. Although teachers often provide general guidance the school is not in a position to provide tailored and individual programmes of study and materials for students to complete whilst they are on holiday during term time.

Homework diaries

Students all have a homework diary and should complete it on a daily basis. If, as happens on occasion, homework is not set, students are expected to spend homework time reading and reviewing work.