Dhahran British Grammar School

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Homework in Foundation Stage and

Key Stage One

Homework is set throughout the school according to age and purpose.

In the Foundation Stage (Reception class only) and Key Stage One (Years 1 & 2) the formal homework requirement is regular reading. A home-school reading record book accompanies the reading books that are sent home. Teachers, teaching assistants and parent comments are written in this book as an ongoing commentary on how the children are progressing with their reading. As the children develop their reading skills they are also encouraged to write a comment about the book and/or their reading.

Each term the class teachers in Foundation Stage and Key Stage One send out an overview of the areas that will be studied throughout the curriculum so that parents can discuss and follow-up topics with their children if they wish. Parents often ask how they can support and help their children at home, so Year 2 children take home the spelling words, mental mathematics and topic work that will be specifically covered each week.

Reading underpins all other learning and this is why it has a high profile within the school. Throughout the school we recognise and value the powerful impact of strong home-school links on children's learning. Thank you for working closely with the school in supporting your child.