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Options Information

Dhahran British Grammar School offers a broad selection of subject options for students in Key Stage 4 in addition to the compulsory subjects. Nine options are currently offered and students are required to select four from the prescribed list. In order to facilitate this process DBGS offers the following events and guidance during the year for Yr 9 students and their parents:

  • In Term One Year 9 students from invited schools visit to see the facilities and learn about the KS4 programme;
  • In Term Two all DBGS Year 9 students and parents, as well as potential new students from invited schools, are invited to attend an Options Afternoon.
  • All the (I)GCSE option  subjects available to students in the forthcoming academic year are outlined at this time. An options booklet and an accompanying CD containing all the relevant syllabuses are distributed to students and parents.
  • No commitment to specific options is required at this stage. The aim is to provide prospective students and their parents with specific information in order to make good choices for future options.
  • In March existing DBGS students make provisional options selections. Prospective students seeking admission into the KS4 programme for September sit entrance tests and/or interviews and also make provisional options selections.

Important Notice

Parents and students not presently residing in the Kingdom but hoping to enroll for our KS4 programme are encouraged to contact the school (brparents@isgdh.org) at the earliest opportunity so that applications can be processed in a timely manner. Late applications invariably mean that certain subject options may be oversubscribed and, in the worst case scenario, students may be placed on a waiting list.