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School Videos

* PE-GCSE promo video - click here

* Arts/DT/Music/Drama promo video - click here

* Promo video link of DBGS - click here

* Year 4 Yellow 'selfie' video - click here

Year 4 Yellow have made a 'selfie' video showing their current reading books. They are making 'auras' using the Aurasma apps to review why they love their books. - Mr Dorian Rhys-Jones

* Sports Celebration Evening; 10th June 2015

Thank you to all who attended the sports celebration night. Congratulations to the award recipients and to all those who were recognised by their coaches. It was a fantastic evening with the rock band helping to create the festive mood. Here are the videos, created by Lojain Moustafa and Kate Lilleyman, that played last night. Have a great summer and stay fit. - Mrs C Rutten

* 6 Red : Science Soundbites video

To assist with science revision, the children of Six Red decided to make a short Science video. The result combines some IT skills with their science knowledge. Next time (yes, there will be more) we hope to develop our video and editing skills to Hollywood standards. - Mr Steve McMahon