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Editor's Comment

Welcome to the home of the DBGS Ezine

Please, immerse yourself. Take the time to click through some of the best articles, stories, reports and reviews written by children from across Key Stage 1 and 2. As the editor it hasn't been my job to dictate what the children should be writing about, rather it's been my job to be excited about what I've been presented with. I wasn't into gaming before, but reviews have brought me into the world of clans and cars. I've found myself back in the kitchen crafting cupcakes thanks to a recipe, and on my next visit to Indonesia, I'll be able to greet the locals in their own language. I'm certain that as you read through our editions, you will feel just as inspired, but why not go one step further? Why not produce an article of your own and inspire someone else for the next edition? Be the inspiration.

Mr Leon Clarke